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HE Escapes N Stuff Presents Mind Twists. Mobile escape games that are climate controlled, interactive and theme based. Each game will have it's own story line, puzzles and tasks. If you enjoy intrigue and adventure then you have come to the right place. Come join us to see if you have what it takes to succeed. 

What makes us different? We can come to you! No matter what your needs, playing for fun, fund raisers, private parties, special events, corporate events, weddings, team building we are ready .


Horcrux In Wonderland

Drakkor has stolen the Horcrux collection and escaped through a portal to Wonderland. Magic will forever be changed unless the collection can be retrieved.  You must find and open the portal to retrieve them before it is too late.




An elite secret agent has implemented a plan to take down the government’s defense system. Successful completion of his plan will leave the country defenseless. Your mission should you accept it is to find and eliminate the threat.


13 Ghosts




You are trapped in a home with 12 ghosts. You must find and release all 12 before time expires or you will become the 13th.


Battle Axe




Inflatable Axe throwing is a wonderful addition to any carnival or backyard event.  Our inflatable axe throwing game is one of the favorites.  If you have ever wanted to try throwing an axe but that sounded a bit too dangerous then this is for you.  

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